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End of term work


Week 10 - Netball Prizegiving

Congratulations to Emily & Sophie. Awesome effort girls!

Week 10 - Sophie's version of Rona and the Moon

Rona and the Moon By Sophie
Long, long ago there was a whare in a valley. There lived Rona, her husband and their two children. On the long twilight evenings they would listen to all the wonderful, relaxing noises of the valley.
One night when the children were in bed, Rona’s husband wanted some wai, Rona was just settling down when her husband started yelling at her that there was no more water left.
Rona was angry because of the way her husband yelled at her, and thought, “Am I the only one capable of fetching wai?” She snatches away the calabash and stormed down to the creek on a munted uneven path... Marama the moon allowed her silvery splendor to be covered by a cloud. The night sky became pitch black.

Rona, on her way to the awa, tripped on a root of a tree and fell, the calabash flew through the air before smashing against a rock. Rona was furious, she drew herself up and swore at the moon.
Marama reached down from the sky and grabbed Rona; Rona’s feelings  transfigured into somethin…

Week 9 - More work on NZ culture

The students were asked what two iconic kiwiana makes them feel like a Kiwi. There might be a little bias towards the All Blacks with the World Cup coming up 😉 

Week 9 - Celebrating our Cultures

Thank you to the parents who came to share in our lunch and look at the art work the students had completed. Check out these amazing cultural costumes too. Great work guys!

Week 8 - Students learning new WAIATA & KEMU

Maori version of Rock, Paper, Scissors = Toka, Pepa, Kuti kuti. The students also learnt a new game using the words Maunga, Awa and Waka.

When I said Maunga, the students had to get into pairs with their hands up like a mountain.
When I said, Awa, the students had to get into groups of three & wave their arms like a river.
When I said Waka, the students had to get into groups of four, one behind the other, rowing like they are in a canoe. LOTS OF FUN!

Ka pai to Matua Araz for teaching Rooms 16 & 17 the Maori version of Senorita. What a wealth of talent he is.

Week 7 Learning...more pending

Look at this amazing Family Tree that Dylan brought in. Thank you to all the families who have contributed to our Celebrating Our Cultures.
What a wonderful opportunity for the students to create as many words as they can with the above letters. So far, Jessica in Room 17 has created about 750 words, but we do know of another students in our syndicate who has created over 1000. Can you do better than this?