Week 7 Learning...more pending

Look at this amazing Family Tree that Dylan brought in. Thank you to all the families who have contributed to our Celebrating Our Cultures.
What a wonderful opportunity for the students to create as many words as they can with the above letters. So far, Jessica in Room 17 has created about 750 words, but we do know of another students in our syndicate who has created over 1000. Can you do better than this?

Week 6 - SPEECH FINALS update

Congratulations to Jessica and Micaela for making it through to the school speech finals. What an awesome effort to both girls. An even bigger congratulations to Micaela for coming SECOND! Whoop! Whoop!
Update: Micaela will be competing in the Inter-School Speech Finals as the first place winner will be overseas. Congrats again Micaela.

Week 6 - Cross Country photos

Congratulations to Tess & Micaela for making through to the Inter-School Cross Country zones. Here are some amazing photos.

Week 5 - Japanese students visit

What an amazing couple of weeks we've had with different students from other cultures visiting our classroom. Thank you to the Stevens & Hughes families for bringing in your Japanese visitors.
We got them to work with a calligraphy pen creating our names in Japanese!



Week 5 Learning - Check out our tennis skills

Great start to the week with a bit of competitive tennis!

Week 4 Learning - STEAM workshops with the Chinese students visiting from China.

What an amazing week we had, making WATER TURBINES with the Chinese students who were visiting from China. Lots of Key Competencies were involved as well as: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and of course lots of Maths. Well done Room 17, you rocked this week!