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Week 10 - Farewell to Zion

Farewell to Zion who is leaving us to move to Perth. We wish you all the best and hope you stay in touch. Your friends are missing you already!

Week 9 Learning - Breakers Basketball training

Check our Jordan from the Breakers working with the students. He is a great coach!

Week 8 Learning - a collection of photos

Here are a few photos from Room 17 & our special MVS gathering for Christchurch... Kia Kaha Christchurch.
We're thinking of you! MVS
Benji's recycled art. Ka pai!
Joyce's recycled art too! Tu meke!
Students sharing their learning.
Donggun & Taylor, deep in thought.
Katie measuring & gathering data from students for her statistical inquiry!
Jessie gave me a delicious cup cake that she had made for her home learning. Lucky me!

Week 7 Learning + Athletic's Day

Room 17 have completed their easttle testing for reading and writing. Such active students!🌝

Week 6 - check out the link to MVTV & behind the scenes photos


Week 5 - Weekly Reflections

In Room 17 we reflect on our learning - what have we done well, what can we improve on and what our goals for the following week.

This leads nicely into Goal Setting. Ask your child what their goals are for: READING, WRITING, MATHS & SPELLING.

Still work in progress